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Factory of Sound

Factory of Sound is an organization, which was established in the year 2016 to promote the harder styles of electronic music and to spread the sounds, which we love – Hardcore and Hardtechno, and also Hardstyle, Techno, and Drum’n’Bass. Before that, we worked under the organization HDM or Hard Destruction Movement, making parties in well-known Močilnik.

Making Hardcore and harder styles alive and to spread our passion for this music, and to promote it among all listeners. In that time we managed to organize many different events in various locations, we also did or helped organized events outside Slovenia, and invite many guests to Slovenia.

  • Hardcore / Hardstyle: Unicorn on Ketamine, JNXD, SideRunners, Rotzbengel, Hardcore Masterz Vienna, Klaut-G, Ruffneck, Ophidian, Tieum, Alien T, Leviathan, Darkcontroller, Sativa, Exeqtor, The Serial Killers, Trezor, Psychfucker, DJ D-Ker, Poley Tight, Sonic Warfare, E-nergystyle, Disturbrainer, Fisso_Tek, Kryminala, Hardcorva, Giantek, Naughty guy, Delirveri, Rob2Speed, AndyGTP, Brainstorm, Artheist, Katarina O’Halloran, Mr. Madness, Noizephaser, DJ Nikola, Badtekk team – Rascal, Van Delin, Kliky, Nikisha, Specture, Skyscraper, Mercenary, Rough_Inc, Blade, Sheka, Symphony, Jagger, DjV, Zykotech, Pikore, Thrillix, CFX, Micky Noyzer, Unknown, Abelito, Cianotik, Stingmachine
  • Techno / Hardtechno: El’Figo, Pascal Feuchthofen, Mario Ranieri, Frank Kvitta, Viper XXL, Barbers, Sutura, Wildpitcher, Charlotte Vogel, Matt R, Dominik T, Könz, BeHard, Tekkerkane, Hammond, Viper XXL, Greg Notill, Matt M. Maddox, Marco B, Ocram, Tomash Gee, Killswitch, Reset, Scott Kemix, Meth Crux, Sepromatiq, Dreo, Ogi, Nobody, Psy Funky, Whithecker, Matthew, Xavier, Tias, Sheaks, Sano, Nitram, Stereo Kriminalz, Dominik Stuppy, Davda, Arcane, General Rush, Lymax, Instinct, Aleksandar Milič, Mark J, DJ Quacke vs. Dinutec, Igor Milosavljevič, G4bri
  • Industrial Hardtechno: DFFI

We established the project Slovenia goes Hardcore, to promote and share Hardcore music. With the organization of such events, we want to expand the recognition of the music among the audience, thus succeeding in attracting visitors of different ages to the events. For every event, we do our best to conjure a unique experience with an always different selection of performing artists and programs. We also try to insert different things into the line-up, making the party memorable, like the Fusion reactor performance. But we won’t stop here, we want more for the Slovenian Hardcore scene, and to be recognizable also outside our borders.

In addition to Hardcore, we started to organize Hardtechno and Schranz events, called Mariborska praln’ca or Maribor launderette, which is intended to spread the best and hardest Techno sound around Slovenia. The same as in Hardcore events, we want to conjure a good atmosphere and to always invite different artists to perform at the events. Under the wing, we took some Techno events, mostly after parties of Mariborska praln’ca, intended for the most enduring partygoers.

To promote Hardstyle music in Slovenia we established events under the name We meet with style, where we intend to bring various artists from Slovenia and abroad, and to give our visitors something extra.

On March 10th, 2021, we started with a brand new online show FoS TV about electronic music in Slovenia, as well as abroad. In the show, we will try to summarize various news, party reports, interview with artists, making reward games, and more. Due to Corona crisis the production stopped.

For the love of Hardcore music, the desire to expand, and the need for this kind of event, we started organizing events in Croatia, as a derivative of Slovenia goes Hardcore events, naming them Croatia goes Hardcore. Hopefully, we can also do some changes here and work towards the positive promotion of Hardcore music.

In the future, we will continue to maintain our passion and strive for the best possible organization of upcoming events. We have many plans for the future, which we want to realize as best as possible. Music is our passion!